St. Vincent de Paul

The angel told the shepherds that the Savior was born and where to find him.  How and when are we told? If we wait for the heavens to open and angels to speak to us, we will be waiting a lifetime. We are told in less spectacular ways of God’s presence and saving activity on our behalf, but no less powerful or revealing.  God does speak. God reveals divine presence in the smile of another, in someone’s generous offer, in a plea for help, in the cry of the poor and the oppressed, in the child needing reassurance, in the aged needing a listening ear, in the sick needing a consoling hand. This is how we “make known the message”: to reach out to another with God’s compassion, mercy, forgiveness, healing, love.  The mystery of Christmas in that God is incarnate. Today we see not a Baby in the manger, but a saving God working through and among us. (Living Liturgy, p.24)


Need food or utility assistance? Most Thursdays St. Vincent de Paul Society will be at the Parish office from 1 PM-3 PM. Please call 505-346-1500 ext 4 to schedule an appointment.