April 12, 2020

Dear Family and Friends of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish,

Happy Easter!  

This past week has provided everyone of faith the opportunity to witness and share in the wonderful gift of God’s tremendous love. “He gave Himself up for our salvation!”  Praying through the beautiful, enchanting, and demanding ceremonies of the Triduum, everyone is offered the privilege of uniting themselves to Christ’s unique sacrifice.  As Pope Francis said, “Holy Week is not so much a time of sorrow, but rather a time to enter into Christ’s way of thinking and acting.  It is a time of grace given us by the Lord so that we can move beyond a dull or mechanical way of living our faith, and instead, open the doors of our hearts.”

What a privilege and honor to be Catholic and to be united and bonded with so many people around the world. Perhaps you have taken time to benefit from visiting some of the Catholic websites that help us recognize the richness and universal gift of the Church. There are literally hundreds of millions of people bonding in prayer every day. From the Mass, devotion, and dedication to Mary the Mother of God, the many and varied cultural expressions of prayer, all presented and richly shared over the internet.

Personally, I did not find it easy to celebrate Holy Week this year. Without “your” familiar faces, the beautiful music of our choirs, and the joy of seeing all of us together in prayer, made it less fulfilling and not the same. I know that in time, these unprecedented restrictions on us gathering together will be lifted, and we will once again be able to celebrate the “Eucharist” together. I sure look forward to that day.

On this Easter Sunday, Father Cimino and I will celebrate a Mass at 10:00 am for the parish. Perhaps you can again connect to one of the many websites that carries a live stream of an EASTER MASS  and pray along with us.  The same internet and media, which has long been a source of distraction and temptation, is now being used and employed as a source for good.  Although this new technology cannot replace the “Eucharist,” it has provided us a way to reach out and join with each other.

Today, marks the Resurrection of the Lord and the beginning of the Easter Season. Along with this special time comes the standing invitation for everyone to spend some quality time in daily prayer. Prayer is obviously good for us personally, but it is also a wonderful support for those who are battling this dreaded COVID-19 virus on the front line.  Prayer can be a powerful weapon against sin, so let’s use it.

May the Risen Christ bless you and restore all of us to those good and redeeming things that give us hope and peace. I remain

Yours in Christ, 
Fr. Edward Domme


Our Lady of the Assumption Church
Rev. Edward C. Domme, Pastor
811 Guaymas Place NE
Albuquerque, NM  87108

Parish Office (505)256-9818