April 18, 2021

Third Sunday of Easter

 We are all much like the apostles, we do not believe unless we can see with our own eyes.  The Gospel confirms the resurrection of Jesus from the grave and He goes to great lengths to assure the disciples that he is no mere ghost or illusion. Jesus shows them the marks of his crucifixion, and he explains how the Scriptures foretold his death and rising.  Jerome, an early Bible scholar wrote, “. . . Jesus showed them real hands and a real side . . . and with real hands took bread, blessed and broke it, and was offering it to them.

The centrality of the Gospel message is the cross, but fortunately it does not stop there. Through the cross, Jesus defeated our enemies, death and Satan, and won pardon for our sins. His cross is the door to heaven and the key to paradise. The way to glory is through the cross.

When the Apostles saw that Jesus had indeed risen, they disbelieved for joy! Jesus shows us the way, and he gives us the power to overcome sin and despair, and everything else that would stand in the way of his love and truth. Just as the Apostles were commissioned to bring the good news of salvation to all the nations, we are also called to be witnesses of the resurrection and to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed

copyright © 2021 Servants of the Word, source:  dailyscripture.net, author Don Schwager

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