April 25, 2021

Fourth Sunday of Easter ~ Good Shepherd Sunday

Jesus made three promises to his followers: he promised them everlasting life; he promised that if they accepted and followed him, they would have the life of God in them; and he promised them a life that would never end. Death would be the beginning, not the end. They would know the glory of an indestructible life.  Jesus promised them a life that was secure. He said that nothing would snatch them out of his hand, not even sorrow and death, because he is everlasting life itself.

The words which Jesus spoke upset many of the Jewish leaders. They were angry that he spoke with the same authority as God. He must either be insane or divine.  We cannot be indifferent to his claim. We are faced with the same choice. Either Jesus is who he claims to be – the Son of God and Savior of the world – or the world’s greatest deluder! For those who accept him as Savior, he offers peace and security. We are safe in his hands. 

Cyril of Alexander, a 5th century Church Father, stated, “Jesus bore the Cross for us, that by his own death he might destroy death. He was condemned for us, that He might deliver all of us from the sentence of punishment. . .” For those who accept him as their Savior, he offers the peace and security of unending life and joy with God.

copyright © 2021 Servants of the Word, source:  dailyscripture.net, author Don Schwager

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