June 16, 2024
Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dear OLA Parish Family,
The tiny mustard seed grew into a tree that attracted numerous birds because they loved the little black mustard seeds it produced. God’s kingdom works in a similar manner. It starts from the smallest beginnings in the hearts of those receptive to God’s word. And it works unseen, transforming us from within. Just as a seed cannot change itself until we plant it in the ground, we cannot change our lives to be like God until we yield to Jesus’ teachings and allow His word to take root. It is then that the Holy Spirit transforms our lives.
Living our Catholic faith provides fertile soil for the Word of God to grow and blossom. As Catholics, we are called to be living disciples of Jesus, filled with compassion and love for others, giving mercy and forgiveness to those who have caused us pain and suffering. If we believe in Jesus and the power of the Gospel, we will experience the freedom and joy of living as His faithful followers. Heaven is not for sale, but if we know the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, then we already possess heaven in our hearts!
Today, we thank Fathers for the many ways, large and small, they sacrifice for their families. This Father’s Day, let us stop and remember our Fathers, living or deceased, for all the many ways they loved us. We pray for Fathers, young and old that they continue to persevere in their vocation. Fathers, you shape the lives of your children and families. Your spiritual leadership, unconditional love, and Christlike example are the foundation upon which your homes are built. May God bless all Fathers, Grandfathers, and those men who fill that role in our lives. Happy Father’s Day!
Have a blessed day!
Yours in Christ,
Father Edward Domme
Our Lady of the Assumption Church
Rev. Edward C. Domme, Pastor
811 Guaymas Place NE
Albuquerque, NM  87108
Parish Office (505)256-9818

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