Fourth Sunday of Lent

March 14, 2021

When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, he predicted that his death on the cross would bring healing and forgiveness and new birth in the Spirit. The bronze serpent which Moses lifted up in the wilderness points to the cross of Christ which defeats sin and death and obtains everlasting life for those who believe in Jesus Christ.

 Jesus explained to Nicodemus that the Son of Man must be lifted up to bring the power and authority of God’s kingdom to bear on the earth. Jesus stated that he would be recognized as the Anointed King only when he was lifted up on the cross at Calvary.

The result of Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross, his rising from the dead, and his ascension to the Father’s right hand in heaven is our new birth in the Spirit. God not only frees us from our sins and pardons us, but he also fills us with his own divine life through the gift and working of his Spirit who dwells within us.  We know that God truly loves us and wants us to be united with him because he gave us the best he had to offer, his only begotten Son who freely gave himself as a sacrifice for our sins and the sins of the world. 

copyright © 2021 Servants of the Word, source:  dailyscripture.net, author Don Schwager

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