March 28, 2021

Palm Sunday Summary

Jesus went to Jerusalem knowing full well what awaited him – betrayal, rejection, and crucifixion. The people of Jerusalem, however, were ready to hail him as their Messianic King! Little did they know what it would cost this king to usher in his kingdom. He entered Jerusalem on a colt a direct fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy of Zachariah. 

The colt was a sign of peace.  Jesus enters Jerusalem in meekness and humility, offering victory and peace to his people.  Victory and peace secured in the cross and resurrection which would take place at the time of Passover. Jesus Christ came to bring us the kingdom of God. He is the true King who offers peace, joy, and everlasting life for those who accept him.

Augustine, the great 5th century Church father, said, “The master of humility is Christ who humbled himself and became obedient even to death, even the death of the cross.  He was the king of Israel in that he rules minds, in that he gives counsel for eternity, in that he leads into the kingdom of heaven those who believe, hope, and love.

copyright © 2021 Servants of the Word, source:  dailyscripture.net, author Don Schwager

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