May 10, 2020

A Mothers’ Day Message


It was a big wedding and many guests were invited. Perhaps too many. Jesus and his disciples were there along with Mary and other friends and relatives. and Mary, the mother of Jesus. The celebration at the reception was a grand event with happy music and spirited dance. But suddenly the host of the reception realized that there was a shortage of wine.

Very gently, Mary made JESUS aware of the problem. “They have no wine.” From the moment she spoke, Mary knew that HE would no longer be able to blend in quietly, go unnoticed around the village.  Her words started her Son on a mission, and even she had no idea what that mission would entail. She could not know then the rejection, the suffering and death that mission would bring to Him and to her. The Mother of Jesus knew only that God was in charge. It was not important that she understand; only that she trust. 

Her Son did not seem to share her concern for the bride and groom. But Mary knew her Son would not refuse his mother’s request. Her next words, a simple directive to the servants, were profound: “Do whatever he tells you.” Moments later, heaven was wedded to earth, water became wine and nothing would ever be the same again. It was the first of his miracles and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was there. 

We never hear from Mary again in Scripture.  Her last recorded words make clear to us the way to salvation.  “Do whatever he tells you.” Her simple words remind us of the simplicity of our faith. All we have to do is to follow the path that Jesus lays out, which is to serve the needs of others through the Church.

As young children we learned to obey our mothers, to honor her place in the family and respect her advice and counsel. All moms guide, correct, persuade and sometimes even raise their voices when necessary, to draw out the best in each of us. Often, she only needed a single word, or a telling glance and we understood exactly what was expected of us.  

On this day we honor our Mothers, living and deceased.  May our gratitude for their love be shown in the lives we now live.  I know my Mom would still echo the words of Mary: “Do whatever he tells you.” 

Happy Mother’s Day!

(I found the genesis of this letter written by a parish priest in Oregon.)

Our Lady of the Assumption Church
Rev. Edward C. Domme, Pastor
811 Guaymas Place NE
Albuquerque, NM  87108
Parish Office (505)256-9818