September 5, 2020

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

We can learn from Jesus instructions on how to mend a damaged relationship.  He tells us that we must forgive one another and try to mend broken relationships. In other words, if someone hurts us we are not to brood, but instead make every effort to reconcile with that person. If the offender refuses to let go of his anger, we must ask a wise person to help us settle the matter.

After mediation with another person, if he or she refuses to let go of the anger, we must ask other Christians to help pray for reconciliation. If even after many prayers by fellow Christians, the person still remains angry, we must continue to pray and make every effort to win over the person with the grace and power of God’s healing wisdom.

So often when we are offended, we refuse to put aside our own grievance. In order not to be filled with resentment and ill-will, we must allow Jesus to enter our hearts so that his love can purify and set us free to do good to all – even those who have hurt us. 

The Lord Jesus wants to set us free from resentment, ill-will, and an unwillingness to forgive. The love of Christ both purifies and sets us free to do good to all – even those who cause us grief. The call to accountability for what we have done and have failed to do is inevitable and we can’t escape it, both in this life and at the day of judgment when the Lord Jesus will return. But while we have the opportunity today, we must not give up on praying for those who cause us offense. With God’s help we must seek to make every effort to win them with the grace and power of God’s healing love and wisdom.

Lord Jesus, make me an instrument of your healing love and peace. Give me wisdom and courage to bring your healing love and saving truth to those in need of healing and restoration.

copyright © 2020 Servants of the Word, source:, author Don Schwager


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