Blankets and Booties

Stitching Compassion, One Stitch at a Time

At the heart of our faith community lies a dedicated group of individuals whose hands are intertwined with threads of hope and love. Twice a month, on the second and fourth Fridays, from 9:30 AM to 11:45 AM, the Merrifield Room at the Parish Office becomes a sanctuary of creativity and camaraderie.

This is where the Knitting and Crocheting Ministry convenes, a gathering of kindred spirits united by a shared passion for crafting warmth and comfort for those in need. Whether you are a seasoned artisan or a curious beginner, all are welcome to join this nurturing circle, where skills are honed, experiences are shared, and lasting bonds are forged.

Through the gentle rhythms of needles and hooks, each stitch becomes a testament to the unwavering commitment of our parish family. With every row completed, a tapestry of love takes shape, manifesting in the form of beautifully crafted blankets – tangible expressions of care and compassion.

These handmade treasures are destined to embrace the most vulnerable members of our community, providing warmth and solace to children and newborns navigating life’s challenges. Each blanket is a silent prayer, a tangible embrace that reassures recipients that they are cared for, seen, and deeply valued.