We, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, take responsibility for learning and Christ-like behavior to continue the mission of the Church.

Enriching Courses


The OLA art program serves all students from Junior Kindergarten thru 8th grade.  This program exposes students to a variety of art media and techniques including drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing, etc. with an emphasis on folk art and art history (integration of social studies ).  Catholic artistic traditions are also integrated into the art program. Students are encouraged to be independent problem solvers when tasked with any particular project, giving ample opportunity for self expression.  Student art work is often on display in hallways and classrooms, as well  as the Annual Art and Talent Show.  OLA students also participate annually in the NM State Fair Youth Art Exhibit and the All Schools Archdiocese Fine Arts Festival. All students use a sketchbook, as well as art portfolio(1st-8th only). 

Computer Technology

OLA is committed to keeping our students up-to-date with computer technology. 

Students in grades K-8 are taught general computer skills and concepts.  This includes age-appropriate internet safety, coding, keyboarding, presentations, research, spreadsheets and word processing.  We utilize Chromebooks and Google Applications for Education such as Classroom, Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, etc.  Content controls are in full effect on all computers and there is an established use protocol and standards of conduct agreement to which each student and parent/guardian must adhere. 

Other activities/contests that the students participate in are Hour of Code, Scholastic Challenge and Bebras Challenge.  These activities/contests are national events that test general knowledge as well as logical thinking. 

In a world of ever-changing technology, OLA’s goal is to prepare students for a future where life-long learning is essential.


Students learn about, discuss, and participate in projects that focus on mental, physical, and social health.  The goal is to make this class personal to each student. How and why is being a healthy person important to each individual?  

Guest speakers come into class occasionally to provide information about health related topics and careers.  

Library and Makerspace

The OLA Library/Makerspace is one of the most beloved places at our school! With just over 9,000 volumes from which to choose, our students always find something interesting to read. At OLA, we understand great reading skills translate into intelligent and successful students in and out of the classroom. Students are taught to become effective communicators and lifelong learners by learning catalog computer search skills that can be used in any library and learning research skills that will be used throughout their lives.

These important skills are enhanced by the Makerspace where students are encouraged to think outside the box, collaborate with classmates to create projects, share their triumphs and defeats, and learn that both are important for growth.


The physical phenomenon of music directly impacts emotional and spiritual selves. As such, music stands at the crossroads between the physical and the spiritual world. A mature love and understanding of music allows one to experience life more fully.

At OLA, each student will develop basic music literacy, performance skills and etiquette, and familiarity with Western music from the Renaissance through the 21st Century. This is accomplished primarily through singing and listening every day in the music classroom. By graduation, students will be able to fluently read music out of a hymnal and sing in two parts. They will also be able to perform on a variety of simple instruments with proper technique. Finally, they will have a basic understanding of the history of Western music and will learn the listening skills and context necessary to enjoy and comprehend classical music.

Above all, they will learn to love music. The goal of music class is not necessarily to form world-class musicians, but rather to form world-class people. By falling in love with music, students are invited to fall more deeply in love with Jesus Christ.

Physical Education

Students participate in a variety of activities that focus on physical fitness, gross and fine motor skills, and a life-long enjoyment of physical activity. Units are based on popular sporting activities and the skills that support them.

Younger students focus on basic motor activities such as running, skipping, balancing, throwing, and catching.  Sharing, following rules, and getting along with others is also a point of emphasis.

Older students incorporate those same skills, but often extend them into games and activities that add a competitive aspect.  

In the middle of the school year, an extensive unit based on physical fitness is presented to the students.  The goal of the unit is to practice activities that strengthen the muscular and cardiovascular systems of the body.  Most of the activities in this unit can be done at home, as well as at school, further encouraging the idea that physical fitness is a lifetime commitment.


OLA offers Spanish from JK through 8th grades.  OLA’s program promotes reading and listening comprehension.  It also supports our students to improve their speaking and writing skills at all levels.  The Spanish program at OLA is designed to reinforce high-frequency vocabulary, scaffolding all material from identifying words, and using the proper pronunciation to mastering correct spelling, and ultimately applying the learned material to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.

In addition to the set curriculum, students from 3rd to 8th grades utilize a visual learning workbook.  The workbook uses symbols to represent vocabulary words in Spanish.  The symbols are introduced and then used to practice vocabulary and form sentences.  

At OLA, all grades participate in cultural activities.  Some of the activities include Spanish music from different Latin-American countries, cultural videos from around the world where Spanish is spoken, prayers, crafts, games, and research.