We, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, take responsibility for learning and Christ-like behavior to continue the mission of the church.


The physical phenomenon of music directly impacts emotional and spiritual selves. As such, music stands at the crossroads between the physical and the spiritual world. A mature love and understanding of music allows one to experience life more fully.

At OLA, each student will develop basic music literacy, performance skills and etiquette, and familiarity with Western music from the Renaissance through the 21st Century. This is accomplished primarily through singing and listening every day in the music classroom. By graduation, students will be able to fluently read music out of a hymnal and sing in two parts. They will also be able to perform on a variety of simple instruments with proper technique. Finally, they will have a basic understanding of the history of Western music and will learn the listening skills and context necessary to enjoy and comprehend classical music.

Above all, they will learn to love music. The goal of music class is not necessarily to form world-class musicians, but rather to form world-class people. By falling in love with music, students are invited to fall more deeply in love with Jesus Christ.