We, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, take responsibility for learning and Christ-like behavior to continue the mission of the Church.


Returning students and newly admitted students must register for the upcoming year.  This must be done on an annual basis.


The registration window will open January 2nd with its completions due by February 1st to guarantee a space for the upcoming school year.


There are two steps to the registration process:

Step #1: Completing the online agreements

Parents will be able to begin registering their child online for the upcoming school year by completing the necessary agreements.  These are available on Sycamore.  Parents will log-in as normal.  Once logged in, the parent can access the registration forms by going to My School | Enrollment | Online Portal.  From there you will be taken directly to the portal landing page.  There is no need to use the URL for returning families.  


Step #2: Paying the registration fee 

To streamline the process and to make it more convenient for returning families, the registration fee will automatically be charged to families starting on February 1st unless the parent notifies us otherwise in writing prior to January 20th. On February 1st, the first installment of the registration fee will be charged ($150). On March 1st, the second installment of the registration fee will be charged ($150). This will be non-refundable. Parents will need to notify the school by January 20th in writing if they do not want the registration charged for non-returning students, or to arrange a different payment plan.

For new families to our school, the registration fee will be charged to FACTS on the 1st of the month following the acceptance of your admissions to the school. Unless otherwise arranged, the full $300 will be charged at that time.