Our theme this year is RISE!  How will you RISE! to meet the spiritual challenges Christ has put before you?  How will you RISE! to meet the academic challenges your teachers ask of you? 

“Rise! Shine, for your light has come, the glory of the  Lord has dawned upon you.  Though darkness covers the earth, and thick cloud, the peoples, upon you the Lord will dawn, and over you his glory will be seen.  Nations shall walk by your light, kings by the radiance of your dawning”.  Isaiah 60:1-3

We will RISE!


Each year OLA will be choosing a theme of how and what we want our year to focus on. This theme not only supports our mission which reads: “We Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School take responsibility for learning and Christ-like behavior to continue the mission of the Church“, but also supports our School Wide Expectations which is what we want each of our students to know and live by as they graduate from OLA. Our SLEs use the acronym ANGELS, which stand for:

A= Active Catholics

N= Never Give Up

G=Global Citizens

E=Effective Communicators

L=Lifelong Learners

S=Service to Self and Others