As a ministry of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, OLA Catholic School Community continues the evangelization of the Catholic Church by taking responsibility for:

Forming saints,
Education excellence, and
Demonstrating Christ-like behavior.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Active Catholic Christians

Regularly participate in Mass & sacraments
Willingly follow Christ
Have knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith

Never Give up

Learn from mistakes
Take responsibility for learning

Global Citizens

Demonstrate tolerance and respect for all cultures
Stewards of God’s creation
Act instead of react

Effective Communicator

Speak with wisdom, reverence, and patience
Be a “voice” for Christ
Listen and respond respectfully

Lifelong Learners

Seek the truth through Christ
Reach for more than what is required and yearn for knowledge
Listen to learn and learn to listen

Service to Self and Others

Be responsible for Christ-like behavior
Care for the needs of others
Implement Catholic & Social Justice teachings