We, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, take responsibility for learning and Christ-like behavior to continue the mission of the church.


OLA offers Spanish from JK through 8th grades.  OLA’s program promotes reading and listening comprehension.  It also supports our students to improve their speaking and writing skills at all levels.  The Spanish program at OLA is designed to reinforce high-frequency vocabulary, scaffolding all material from identifying words, and using the proper pronunciation to mastering correct spelling, and ultimately applying the learned material to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.

In addition to the set curriculum, students from 3rd to 8th grades utilize a visual learning workbook.  The workbook uses symbols to represent vocabulary words in Spanish.  The symbols are introduced and then used to practice vocabulary and form sentences.  

At OLA, all grades participate in cultural activities.  Some of the activities include Spanish music from different Latin-American countries, cultural videos from around the world where Spanish is spoken, prayers, crafts, games, and research.